The Toy Shed

Do you reminisce about your childhood toys?  Many people still have theirs boxed up in the loft.

  1.  (How Lego became the Apple of Toys)
  6. (small Lego projects)

Here is a great American site about making* “…Mysterious, Kinetic, Noisy, Do-It-Yourself Science Projects that Entice Scientific Investigation…”

This is an absolute cracker about ‘walkalong’ gliders.  The key is that they weigh next to nothing.

How to make wafer thin foam.

The special wire you need can be sourced from Ebay.  Search for Nichrome wire, Nickel Chrome wire, element wire or heater wire.  You also need an old 12v battery charger.  Everything else you can find in your shed!


Just a word of warning about the difference between American and standards of safety in other countries.  Please be aware of Health and Safety legislation.  These links are provided in good faith but we do not accept any liability for your well-being while undertaking these or any other projects in the Shedbloggers Collection.  Thanks again.