Now, what about yours?

If you’d like to inform and inspire others, why don’t you let us have some details about your own shed.  Where is it and what have you done and why have you done it?  And also let us know what have you achieved ~ happily wasted around half of your waking hours or done something really, really amazing?  Some photos (Shed Shots!) would be good too ~ they speak a thousand words.  For example, have a look at these threads and read about some great things to buy and install in your garage…



To make your contribution please email with your text and plenty of photographs.  We will not disclose your email address so please provide us with an alias (and location) of your choice.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee publication and also reserve the right to make any changes that we feel may be required.  We’ll keep in touch.


#1 – ‘Nick’ from Yorkshire

My shed is in the cellar. I call it my workshop and it is used to store tools and all sorts of stuff for my car.  It’s never very tidy but I can fix and make all sorts of things.  I have a good range of power tools too including a bench mounted drill, a decent grinder with a wire wheel or polishing mop and a stand for my angle grinder.  I have a folding seat, lots of old magazines, a radio and bottle opener too so I have all (well most of) the home comforts I need!

image 2



#2 – ‘Simon’ from Sussex

My shed is indeed a shed!  Not a workshop as such but my workplace at the bottom of our garden.  I have everything I need – my laptop, a calculator (!), my fax machine (in the basket), a fridge (under the desk), pens and pencils and my headphones (for some light entertainment).  And what’s that object to the left of the light on a perspex stand?  It’s a Chinese hat of course!  My business?  Trying to making money (for the moment) and becoming a great book illustrator (when the time comes).