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This page is all about cars.  It can be about a partial restoration, a full nut and bolt rebuild or a start from scratch.  The starting points are all different too from a rusty old barn find to a brand new kit of parts.

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  1. http://apidaonline.com/index.php/articles/art-of-the-flip/item/restoring-a-dollar-store-supercar (BMW M5)
  2. http://blog.caranddriver.com/spirit-of-lemons-how-a-1956-cessna-airplane-became-a-road-racing-lemons-car-w-build-photosvideo/  (the clue is in the URL!)
  3. http://www.jdclassics.co.uk/  (classic car garage)
  4. http://www.locostbuilders.co.uk/viewthread.php?tid=181937&page=1  (kitcar rebuild)
  5. http://www.mgnuts.com/  (MG garage)
  6. http://mycaterham.com/4613.html  (Caterham ownership)
  7. http://www.naylorbrothers.co.uk/wp/  (classic car restoration)
  8. http://www.nazard.co.uk/7links.html (Austin 7 links)
  9. http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/70135?.U7B8r2t5mSM=undefined (repairing bodywork)
  10. http://www.stevebakermg.co.uk/ (T type MGs)
  11. http://ttypes.org/  (more T type MGs)
  12. http://vintagebentleyblog.weebly.com/ (vintage Bentley)
  13. http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/57556-westfield-lotus-eleven/?hl=eleven%20build  (Lotus 11 rebuild)
  14. http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/105071-build-thread-mega-s2000/  (Westfield Kit Car)

There are endless YouTubes showing all sorts of car building stories.  Here is one from a fully fledged car manufacturer although the processes (but not the quantities) are all shed-like.


And here’s another.  This is about making a 4wd turbo-charged Mini by using its original bodyshell and then fitting all the mechanicals from a turbo-charged 4wd Toyota Celica GT-4!  Here is episode #1 of a really great series.


(You can find the rest of the movies yourselves…)

This is a blog that includes a series of movies about the rebuilding of a 1970 Lotus Super 7.


Polishing??  Here’s a thread about polishing a Caterham.


And if you’ve got a hankering to buy a car ready for some work, here’s a good place to start.


(This is our first ‘Twitter’ link – hooray!)

Did someone mention barn finds??  Here is a barn full, found in France:


And here is a short and wonderful clip about starting the 28.5 litre engine in the ‘Beast of Turin’.  Just look at those smiles!


And here it is, driving on the Goodwood hillclimb.  Just amazing!


Have you ever heard of a Belly Tank Racer??  Some American WW2 fighter planes such as the P-51 Mustang were fitted with auxiliary aluminium fuel tanks to increase their range.  The design of these so called belly tanks was very aerodynamic and their lightweight construction attracted the interest of a chap called Bill Burke.  He was a war veteran and racing enthusiast and he built the first ‘Belly Tank Racer’ to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Here are some great examples of the genre.


And finally, because we love the sounds of racing cars, here is a clip of a Cobra 289 (that’s the smaller 4.7 litre version rather than the 7.0 litre monster).  The brakes aren’t brilliant and the handling is of the point and squirt variety but oh my, what a wonderful noise!