…or just two wheels.

Let’s start with bicycles.  In many ways they have remained unchanged over the years ~ better gears and better brakes certainly but the the bike itself is still the same.  A good reason for having a bike is that it will (when it’s finished) keep you fit.  A second is that they are not necessarily expensive and a third is that it could keep you occupied for ages and ages as the following blogs will demonstrate.

  1. http://www.bicyclehub.co.uk/ Classical Bicycle Restoration Guide
  2. http://www.instructables.com/id/Restoring-a-vintage-Dumpster-Bike/
  3. http://lovelybike.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/refurbishing-vintage-bicycles-variety.html
  4. http://restoringvintagebicycles.com/
  5. https://www.facebook.com/lkdsov/timeline Vintage Road Bikes

On the other hand, motorbikes have become very complicated ~ computer controlled, multi-cylinder, high revving, water-cooled and probably made in Japan.  But in the olden days they were single or two cylinder, low revving, air-cooled and made in Europe or the USA.  Here are some blogs showing how these motorbikes are restored.

  1. http://www.bucksindian.com/
  2. http://jbmotoco.com/builds/
  3. http://www.returnofthecaferacers.com/2011/07/building-cafe-racer-selecting.html
  4. http://www.stotfoldengineers.co.uk/stotfold_engineering_blog/category/blog/
  5. http://velocettes.com/index.html


A barn-find Honda CG125 Honda.  An ideal starting point for a classic (and cheap) cafe racer.


If you like a regular updates about motorbikes, here is a website from New Zealand which has a great look ‘n feel.  Get yourselves signed up for regular email updates.


And here is the exception about movies that proves the rule.  The thrill of high performance motorbikes is captured in this brief glimpse of the 2012 Isle of Man TT from the J&B Moto Company’s website.  Sit down, make yourself comfortable and enjoy it on ‘full screen’ and ‘full volume’!  The first few moments are especially spine-tingling!