The Shed Blogger’s Collection

So this is it, the Shed Blogger’s Collection.  The following pages includes self-contained blogs, threads within message boards and links to appropriate websites.  However, if you are expecting Facebook pages, movie clips or the like you’ll not (often) find them here.

You can search the Shed Blogger’s Collection in two ways.  The first is by subject and these are they ~ Things with Wheels, Model Stuff, The Woodworker’s Shed and Beyond the Shed.  Within each subject, the URLs are listed in the alphabetical order of their names.  The second is by date and you can find the five most recent URLs from all of the subjects on the Latest News page.

But we also want you to do the opposite.  We want you to wander off, pursuing your particular interest.  And when you get there, let us know what you have found and email the links back to us at

We can then add your link to the Shed Blogger’s Collection.  Let us know too if you would like any new categories and the blogs to go in them.  They may already be listed in your ‘Bookmarks’ or ‘Favourites’.  Again, please email us at with all the details.

We can’t guarantee that every suggestion will be included.  But there will be many others that will be smack in the middle of the Shed Blogger’s Collection.  In this way the collection will develop and grow.