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21/02/15             Well, I’ve been a bit of a slacker and have happily been adding new pages to various parts of the Shed Blogger’s Collection without making a note of them here ~ doh!  They include the following:



08/01/15             How Lego became the Apple of Toys:  


04/01/15            New Toy Shed page added


02/01/15            An amazing model engine – I guess there’s lots more on this website. (1/3 scale V10)


26/12/14          Here are two more YouTube movies – this time about a Russian model plane.


23/12/14         One heck of a barn find in France…


16/11/14          …and yet again, three more!


13/11/14          …and three more (in various categories)


03/11/14         Three more blogs added in the four wheeled category.


22/10/14       More items added to Ebay.  Just the stickers remaining!!


15/09/14       These are the blogs most recently added to the Shed Blogger’s Collection. 


10/10/14        Facebook page now operational too!


08/10/14      ‘The Goods Shed’ is now operational with links through to our stuff on Ebay – Hooray!!


04/09/14       These are the blogs most recently added to the Shed Blogger’s Collection.  They are all  about things with                                 flapping wings (ornithopters) and they do justice to these YouTube clips…   (OK, so this one’s not a model!)


07/08/14      Shed of the Year 2014 – Results

                       Report in the Daily Telegraph


19/07/14      Are these England’s last traditional craftsmen and women?”

                       Please read this BBC Report


19/05/14    “I kind of hope, in a way, that an inventor in a garden shed wins it.”

                      Professor Brian Cox talking about the £10M Longitude Prize