Aeroplane Modelling

All sorts of model aircraft are featured here from the very small to the very large and from stationary models to bloomin’ great big ones with radio control that can fly just like the real thing (see below)!  And what about these drones?  Are they just models or do they provide a way to get a camera into places which would otherwise be impossible??


The following blog is mostly about radial engines and there’s a movie about a 2-stroke radial engine in a model plane. Sounds amazing!

These are some more exceptions to the so called ‘rule’ about movies!

Apparently this Airbus is 4.8m long, 5.30m wide and it weighs 70.8kg so you’ll need a shed the size of a double garage to build something similar, some very deep pockets and more patience than you can ever imagine.

Two more YouTube movies – this time about a Russian plane.  Here is just one comment “…absolutely amazing, a true marvel of scale modelling, engineering and pilot skill. Congratulations…”  I agree!

And what about things with flapping wings (ornithopters)…

You can make them look like birds…

OK, so this one’s not a model…

Just amazing!