The Shed Blogger’s Collection is the place to find the most inspiring, informative and entertaining blogs* which are somehow connected with the idea of the ‘shed’.  The shed is that magical place at the end of your garden, at the back of your garage, down in the cellar or the den in the back bedroom.  The shed is for people like you, who enjoy making things, first within your head and then with your hands.  This activity will run alongside your life at home or at work and will also inspire those who have recently retired and are looking for something different to do.  Many of our links are to UK based sites but we are adding more and more from the rest of the English speaking world.  Just remember that The Shed Blogger’s Collection is as endless as we (and you) can make it!

Find out how to get started in the build your own shed sub section  You also need to decide where you should build it and why.


*  The Shed Blogger’s Collection actually includes links to all sorts of blogs, threads within websites and to self-contained and independent websites and the like.  We use the word ‘blogs’ to describe them all.  These links were working and correct at the time of publishing and are provided in good faith.  Please let us know if any are now problematic by emailing us at  And finally please note that we are not responsible for any of these external websites, any attached adverts or any of these websites’ content.